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The first alternative education school in the City of Manassas was named for Mr. Joseph B. Johnson, former Superintendent of Manassas City Public Schools. The school opened in 1993, in response to a growing concern among administrators, teachers and concerned citizens of our community that additional alternatives for educational programming were needed if Manassas City Public Schools are to meet the educational challenges of the 21st Century for all students. For a majority of students and their parents, being placed at an alternative school is not a fun experience. Feeling of disappointment, anger and anxiety are common when confronting an issue of this nature. In the mind of many people, it is a place "where the bad kids go" when they cannot succeed in the traditional classroom. However, the Johnson Learning Center isn't the end of the world for anybody. In fact this school was designed as a kind of safety net - an alternative to failure or expulsion. The Johnson Learning Center is a learning environment where students can regroup after making mistakes, take time to think about academic goals and then move on with a new perspective. "Failure Is Not An Option."