Office of the Superintendent

I am honored to serve as Superintendent in the great City of Manassas and to have the opportunity to work with the Manassas City Public Schools staff, parents, and community in supporting student learning, achievement, and the successful graduation of students. Graduating students with a strong academic foundation and the necessary soft skills provides them with the opportunity to pursue higher education and/or work opportunities. The City of Manassas also benefits by having graduates who become productive community members.

Manassas City Public Schools is a good school division poised to become a great school division. To accomplish this, we must build on MCPS’ past successes and strive to be a division that encourages innovation, creativity, and student success. To that end, I am committed to providing an effective and positive learning and working environment.


I look forward to working with those who have a vision and desire to help the children of Manassas City Schools have the best education possible. I believe that a team of hard-working stakeholders will always achieve more than a single individual. My role will be the bridge between the present and the future and I intend to make this bridge as strong as possible.


I look forward to meeting and talking with you soon!

Dr. Catherine Magouyrk